My New Hobby

I have a new hobby now when things are slow at the gym. Any time a sales person calls, which is about every fifteen minutes of every day, I fuck with them by doing the following. Do ya know how as soon as you answer the phone they immediately start their droning sales shpele without letting you get in a word in? Well as soon as they do that I go into my sales shpele about the gym and when they realize that I am talking over them they stop talking and I keep going. After a minute or so I stop and they always say “what are you doing?” I always say, “oh, is my talking over you trying to sell you something you don’t want bothering you? Well now you know how it feels jerrrrrrrrrrkoffffffffff”. Hashtag smiley face. Hashtag YOLO!

By the way, the Iron Sport online store is re-stocked with some of our more popular shirts in all the popular sizes so make an order today and get a cool shirt and support a great gym.

I also posted up another Steve’s Selfie Strength Tip video today. I actually purchased the new Reebok Power Shoe to use for my squats and deads and I show you how to fix the one major flaw in them. Check it out here: