Fan Mail

This is an email I received today from a teenage kid in India who has been emailing me for a few months now. I can’t remember where he said he got my email from but he was just looking for some solid advice. It got to the point where we would be sending 20-30 emails a day back and forth. I’m pretty much the kind of person that if you contact me and ask me a question I will always answer it so I really don’t mind. I answered questions for him on many subjects, even regarding his love life and picking up girls. My advice is very often blunt and a lot of time he may have gotten a one word or maybe just a one sentence answer but that’s all it takes sometimes. I’m just glad and find it kind of amazing that by sitting at my keyboard and tapping out a few words that you can possibly change the course of someone’s life across the entire globe.

Hey Stevey P,

I just wanted to tell you that some time back I asked you to help me improve my bench and deadlift. As a great guy you told me what to do. I followed it to the point and trust me I am breaking PRs upon PRs each week on both the lifts and guess what I am not also feeling so much wear and tear on my body as usual. I going to follow your advice and milk it out for add long as possible. For the third you’ve helped me and for the third time, you are the best guy in the industry. No homo but I am in love with you.

By the way good luck for the Pulcinella seminar series you and your cousin are doing. I am pretty sure all the people attending your seminar are going to start on a journey of breaking PRs Upon PRs Upon PRs Upon PRs……..

Once again thanks but this is a small word for what you’ve done for me and how much Powerlifting matters to me. – Faizan