Iron Sport Gym is the PREMIER gym in Philly/ Now open 24 hours!

Iron Sport Gym memberships work like this:

$65 a month for an adult membership

$40 for a student membership.

No Contract

No Upfront down payment

Iron Sport Gym charges HALF of what crossfit gyms charge, and you get the freedom to come anytime and train your ass off and do what YOU want. You are not locked into and one style of training nor are you limited to scheduled class times. Iron Sport is a strength training focused gym but is also good for beginners because of the amazing clientele we attract. The members we have here, whether they are a competitive lifter or not, are all goal oriented and knowledgeable people that are welcoming to new lifters looking to work hard.

The owner, Steve Pulcinella was a former powerlifting champion, a World’s Strongest Man competitor, Professional Highland Games athlete, master of bodily hugeness and had a competitive strength athletics career that spanned thirty years. Steve is at the gym every day to mentor, coach and guide you through any phase of your strength journey.

Iron Sport is affiliated with EliteFTS so we outfit the gym with the best strength training equipment on the market. We are on a constant journey to upgrade and keep adding strength training equipment to our ever growing equipment list.

This place has to be seen to be believed, if you are a lifter you will think you died and gone to heaven. Come on by any time and check us out!