Some far away guests stop by

A few months ago I received an email from a couple all the way from India who were planning a special visit to the states for a very specific purpose. The whole reason for traveling so far was so they could spend two months visiting some of the top gyms, meeting some of the top trainers and attend seminars. A friend of mine who happened to meet them in India told them that Iron Sport was one of the places they should visit.

Yesterday I finally had my opportunity to meet Sandeep and Prashanti when they traveled here by train from New York City. They were just about the nicest people you could ever want to meet and just wanted to pick my brain about Iron Sport and hear my opinions on various other gyms and strength industry business models. Both were kind of new to the whole scene and like a lot of people that are new these days their biggest roadblock seemed to be the internet. Yes, they are bombarding themselves with TOO MUCH internet information. I hope I helped them at least a little though.

It’s always an honor for me that this little gym that I have built up over the past twenty years has become a destination of hugeness and learning. Kind of like a library . . . with lats! Sandeep and Prashanti are also blogging their journey through the US and you can check out some of the other places they have been and some industry big shots they have met.